We respect and value our team and we see staff members as partners in our shared endeavour to help our service users to lead fulfilling lives. The high standard of support that we provide can only happen in an environment where staff are nurtured and fulfilled in their work.

In fact, staff who leave us to move onto new challenges often end up coming back to work for us again – a testament to the positive and supportive environment at Corran.

Our commitment to our staff:


Creating an environment where staff are appreciated is important to us – it’s beneficial for both staff and service users. Our staff are valued, praised and rewarded for their efforts.

Manageable workloads

We all know that workloads become higher at certain times – for example to cover staff absence due to illness – but we are committed to keeping workloads at a sustainable level for the majority of the time.


Our goal is to shape a culture where everyone is clear on the direction and goals of our organisation. This gives everyone the sense that they are part of a team doing important work, and it demonstrably motivates our people to be the best they can be.

Training and development

We believe that providing our staff with the right knowledge and training is fundamental to the high quality services we deliver, and we are committed to investing in ongoing training and development opportunities.

Cath Brockie
Cath BrockieService Provider and Manager
Favourite band or artist: Dance music… I like David Guetta!
Favourite food: Curry
Colour: Purple
Interests: Pony carriage driving
Why I work at Corran: I set up the services because I wanted to make a positive difference to peoples lives, and I still have the passion and drive to do that some twenty years on… it’s what I live for!
Jim Brockie
Jim BrockieHealth and Safety Officer
Favourite band or artist: Ed Sheeran
Favourite food: Roast beef
Favourite colour: Green
Interests: Fishing, fishing and more fishing, especially in Ireland.
Why I work at Corran: I have worked for several companies in the past and none of them have ever given me the sense of achievement that I have had during the time I have worked for Corran.
Eve Owen
Eve OwenServices Coordinator
Favourite band or artist: Florence and the Machine
Favourite food: Chinese
Favourite colour: Purple
Interests: My animals, baking and watching TV box sets.
Why I work at Corran: I chose to work for Corran Dean because of its person-centred approach to support and care and Cath’s passion for delivering this, and the support she gives her team.
Fai Morgan
Fai MorganSupport Worker
Favourite band or artist: Dance music
Favourite food: Roast chicken dinner
Favourite colour: Purple
Interests: Shopping
Why I work at Corran: I like being outdoors, and so I enjoy supporting people within the outdoor care farm environment.
Shelley Holland
Shelley HollandTeam Administrator
Favourite band or artist: Foo Fighters
Favourite food: Roast chicken dinner with mint sauce
Favourite colour: Red
Interests: Cinema, reading, music
Why I work at Corran: I wanted to work in an environment that helps people, but I’m not a support worker, so as team admin I can help and support in a different way. What the Corran team does for its service users is amazing and I feel lucky to be a part of such a great place.
Pippa Cope
Pippa CopeSupport Worker
Favourite band or artist: Power Ballads
Favourite food: Home cooked food
Favourite colour: Blue
Interests: Larping, horse riding, singing, playing the piano
Why I work at Corran: Working here mixes both of my passions for helping people and working with animals & plants.
Teresa Rolleston
Teresa RollestonSupport Worker
Favourite band or artist: Pop, Classic, All sorts !
Favourite food: Steak
Favourite colour: Turquoise
Interests: Cycling, Spending time with my grandchildren
Why I work at Corran: I like combining working with people and animals
Abby Fisher
Abby FisherSupport Worker
Favourite band or artist: Reggae
Favourite food: Curry
Favourite colour: Turquoise
Interests: Photography, art, animals
Why I work at Corran: I like being outside on the farm.
Hannah Rose
Hannah RoseSupport Worker
Favourite band or artist: Rock music, Nickel Back
Favourite food: Jacket potato with tuna
Favourite colour: Purple
Interests: Shopping
Why I work at Corran: I love to help people – help them achieve things that others thought they couldn’t d, and to better myself & personality.
Simon Dean
Simon DeanSupport Worker
Favourite band or artist: Green Day
Favourite food: Fish ‘n’ chips
Favourite colour: Green
Interests: History, reading
Why I work at Corran: I really like the whole ethos at Corran. How staff interact with the individuals in the environment really brings out the best in the people we support.
Kirstie Overton-Short
Kirstie Overton-ShortSupport Worker
Favourite band or artist: Anything but classical
Favourite food: Chicken and mushroom risotto
Favourite colour: Blue/Green
Interests: Animals
Why I work at Corran: I work at Corran because it combines working with animals and caring for individuals at the same time. I love being outside and there is never a dull day at Corran!
Amy Endean
Amy EndeanSupport Worker
Favourite band or artist: Classic Rock
Favourite food: Spaghetti Bolognaise
Favourite colour: Khaki
Interests: Horses, cars
Why I work at Corran: I like the quiet environment and how welcoming the staff are. I like the person centered approach adopted at Corran and working alongside the individuals and animals.
Gemma Reynolds
Gemma ReynoldsSupport Worker
Favourite band or artist: Adele
Favourite food: Pasta
Favourite colour: Yellow
Interests: Reading, cooking, running
Why I work at Corran: I enjoy helping and supporting others.
Tina Jones
Tina JonesSupport Worker
‘sFavourite band or artist: 70’s
Favourite food: Sushi
Favourite colour: Green
Interests: Animals, gardening, reading, travel
Why I work at Corran: I like working in the quiet farm environment with the service users and the animals. I like the person centered approach used at Corran, along with the incredible staff and excellent training.
Katherine Smith
Katherine SmithSupport Worker
Favourite band or artist: Celine Dion, Shania Twain
Favourite food: Mexican
Favourite colour: Purple
Interests: Being outdoors, cooking, SD diamond painting
Why I work at Corran: I’m a caring person who enjoys making sure everyone has the best life and enjoys their day.
Ashleigh Marsh
Ashleigh MarshSupport Worker
Favourite band or artist: Fleetwood Mac
Favourite food: Green thai curry
Favourite colour: Royal blue
Interests: Travel, design, photography
Why I work at Corran: Tired of working long hours in an office, making someone else lots of money for little gratification. Now I work somewhere that makes a positive difference to others and somewhere I am appreciated and enjoy.
Sally Ashwin
Sally AshwinDirector
Favourite band or artist: Guns n Roses
Favourite food: Stilton cheese
Favourite colour: Green
Interests: Animals – especially my Fell pony ‘Muppet’
Why I work at Corran: Having been in & around agriculture all of my life, I know how beneficial & therapeutic it is for people to be able to access animals & the outdoor space at Corran Dean. I love seeing how this type of environment helps people to overcome their anxiety & social difficulties – it makes such a difference to peoples’ lives.
Rob Nichols
Rob NicholsDirector
Favourite band or artist: Roderick Williams
Favourite food: Rissotto
Favourite colour: Heliotrope
Interests: Music, history & cinema
Why I work at Corran: I want to support the excellent work that Corran do in our community

Join Us

We look for certain qualities when we’re recruiting staff:

  • Passion and commitment to the job
  • The ability to give 100%
  • A natural thoughtfulness and respect for those around them
  • The capacity for reflection and the will to make improvements in their working practices
  • An enthusiasm for contributing to continued improvement and development of the services we offer
  • A dedication to on the job learning, supervision and training opportunities.

If you feel that you have the right qualities and experience to work at Corran Dean, click here to download an application form

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